Holiday Bird

Holiday Bird

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Choose from a chicken, goose or duck.

We pride ourselves on our exceptionally rare selection of heritage breed poultry & their unparalleled flavor! 

You would be hard pressed to find our signature Bonticou and Bresse chickens or our French Duclair ducks anywhere else in the country. Our pastured heritage birds are very slow growing compared to grain-fed commercial breeds; while commercial chickens are harvested at 6 weeks, ours are harvested at 4 months.

We go to great lengths to rotationally pasture our flocks and provide them with a rich, varied diet and plenty of exercise. Our flocks forage freely over woods, brush, and fields seeded with rye, buckwheat, winter peas, wheat and clover. They snack on insects, berries, grass and garden scraps, and are finished on grains soaked in local raw milk. They live in the sunshine and splash through mud, lovingly raising their young. They enjoy full, happy lives the way nature intended. Their varied diet results in especially tasty birds, lower in fat and much richer in flavor than anything commercially available.



All chickens and ducks are whole and weigh 3-4 lbs. 

All geese are whole and weigh 6-10 lbs.

Local pick-up will be near in Ulster County. We also ship throughout New York State for an additional fee (available at checkout).



By purchasing our poultry directly from us, you are supporting our small family farm, the biodiversity it brings to the food system, and the benefit our rotational pasturing process has on the local ecosystem. We are incredibly grateful for your support!


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Chickens are large succulent hens suitable for roasting or older cockerels suitable for Coq au Vin and similar dishes.

Ducks are larger Rouen, Silver Appleyard or Duclair ducks

Geese are 8-12 pounds, neck on and giblets inside the cavity. The final price is $12/pound, we require a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit and the final price is determined at sale.

We are a very small company, please write and tell us what you are looking for, and we will do our best to accommodate you.