Pre-order FRESH Silver Appleyard Duck July 16th harvest

Pre-order FRESH Silver Appleyard Duck July 16th harvest


You are placing a NON REFUNDABLE deposit towards the purchase of your duck. Pre-order by midnight Monday July 15th for pick up Saturday July 20th at the Troy market or Sunday July 21st at Rosendale. Other pick up options are possible, please inquire by email to A British heritge breed with a complex flavor, significantly leaner than the commercial Long Island Duckling, the Appleyard makes a delicious roast duck. Average weight is 3.5-4 pounds, range is 3-4.5. Birds will be whole, neck ON, giblets are NOT included. Ducks livers, hearts, gizzards and feet are available in bulk packs separately.

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Our fresh ducks are priced at $10/pound. This reflects the cost of raising heritage poultry in a true pastured environment. Our birds topically weigh 3.5-4.3 pounds. To place an order, you must pay a $30 non refundable deposit towards the final cost, which will be determined at the time of sale. The deposit is required because in order to deliver a fresh bird to you, we will keep your bird out of our production schedule for smoked duck breast and duck leg confit. We are a small family run company, and we do not normally keep fresh birds in inventory.

The Appleyard is a brown and gray duck, not white ike the commercial Pekin. Because of the age at which we harvest, and the small farm environment where they are processed, there may be occasional small feathers left on the bird.