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Wassail at Stone Ridge Orchard, Stone Ridge NY

Please join us at Elizabeth Ryan's Stone Ridge Orchard, where we raise most of our mature poultry.  Elizabeth is a great friend to Brian and me, and to Bonticou Ducks and Bonticou Copley Food.  One offering will be brick oven pizza topped with smoked duck breast courtesy of Bonticou Copley Food.

This year, Elizabeth's annual wassail will be held at Stone Ridge Orchard. Participate in this ancient Celtic ritual as we sing to the apple trees to ensure a bountiful harvest. Honor the farms as we partake in a sumptuous and filling feast of local and artisanal food and ciders. Join the circle for traditional folk-style dancing to live Balkan and Macedonian Romani music as we celebrate the coming of spring and the promise of a bountiful harvest with Zlatne Uste, Seido Salifoski, Bill Vanaver and friends. 
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