Maybrook Hotel

We raise our young chickens at Maybrook Hotel in Kerhonkson.  The Maybrook Hotel is owned and operated by Northeast Farm Access LLC, a group of individuals committed to providing organic farmland to local farmers. We are very grateful for the opportunity that Northeastern Farm Access has provided, and we look forward to many years of collaboration and working with this group as farmers.  At Maybrook, we have the use of a large shed/barn, which we have divided into sections using netting to separate birds by age.  Here we house all our chickens from the time they leave their brooder until they are ready for life in large mobile coops.  Birds have access to grassy areas and tree cover adjacent to the large coop where they sleep.  Pasture is rotated to allow time to recover, grass to regrow, and manure to compost naturally into the ground.  As with all our birds, chicks are protected from predators with electrified poultry netting.

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