Our Poultry

These are the breeds that we currently have available.  The list includes birds in pasture and processed fresh and frozen birds.  To inquire about specific quantities, to place an order, or to arrange custom processing, please write to us at info@bonticouducks.com.

We have sold all of our geese for 2016, availability in 2017 will be announced in the fall. Based on our experience in 2016, early orders are strongly advised.

Within the confines of our farm practices and philosophy, we contract with individuals and restaurants to raise birds for specific events.  

We have young adult Muscovy available for sale as pets or breeding stock.  Ducklings will be available spring through fall.

February, 2017





Grimaud Freres Hybrid Pekin



French Toulouse

Heritage Chickens:

In 2017 we will offer American Bresse, Barnevelder, Barred Rock, Marans, and Rhode Island Red heritage chickens.  Please inquire for availability

New for 2017

American Bresse

French Toulouse Geese

Grimaud Freres Hybrid Pekin Duck

A new variant of the Duclair Duck, in development by John Metzer of Metzer Farms and available to the public from Bonticou Ducks 

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